Thursday, December 27, 2012

Update on Daniela

To give everyone an update on Daniela, we are happy to report that she has had a restful week at the children's home as she has been recovering. We have hired a full-time nurse to help take care of her because she still has paralysis in her legs and arms. She is glad to be close to friends and family however and soon we will begin more extensive physical therapy. The doctors have informed us that 100% recovery could take several months so we appreciate your prayers during this time!

We give God all the glory for the things He is doing in the life of Daniela!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Reflections

This morning (Christmas morning) I was sitting on my porch here in Monterrey and reflecting. It has now been 7 years since I last spent Christmas morning with my family in Cincinnati. Many things have changed since then. Some, like my mom, have passed away and are no longer with us. Others, like my grandchildren, are new to the family and I have yet to spend a Christmas morning with them. I could be filled with sadness as I think about such things. But I am not. Don't get me wrong. I miss my family and I love them dearly! They are a real blessing to me! But God has given me a blessing the last 6 Christmas' that has been a blessing as well!

You see, for each of those years, we have been able to spend Christmas with kids here in Monterrey who have had no one to spend Christmas with. Each year the names and the stories of those who have joined us for Christmas have been different. But each Christmas has been special. This morning, on my porch I was thinking that the world I live in here is a war zone. Not just a place where guns and violence exist, but a place where spiritual battles are fought everyday. As a Christian, I may have to connect with my family via Skype on Christmas day, but I get to wake up in the battlefield in the morning! And the only real place to celebrate God's Victory is in His battlefield.

I want to share with you a friend's Facebook post today, "There could be no peace on Christmas unless the first Christmas was an act of war. The world was invaded by a child who would defeat evil without a sword!" Another friend put it "Jesus left the Shalom of eternity to enter my chaos...and changed my life forever!" If we really want to follow Jesus, don't we really want to be doing the same? We need to be unafraid to leave "peace" to experience "victory!"

It has often been said that it is greater to give than to receive. Most of us would agree with that. I want those of you who are supporting us with your prayers, finances and friendship to experience that joy. You may not be here to share in the victories with us on Christmas morning or many other mornings for that matter. But I want you to know that as crazy as it was for the God of the universe to send his only begotten Son to a war zone, that that same Jesus is bringing peace to the broken lives of forgotten sons today!

We love you all and pray that God will continue to bless each of you and your families as He is ours!
Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Blessings!

I wanted to take a moment to share with you some of the blessings we have received in the last 4 months. We have been able to cultivate from local groups some very good donations to help us care for the 60+ kids in the children's home. The result is that this Christmas, our pantries our full. Just take a look at the pictures below.

The picture below shows some of the 200 gallons of milk we receive each month from a local distributor.

We have 2 storage rooms that are 10' square each and have storage shelves from the floor to the ceiling on all 4 walls.

We have cereal, pancake mix, tuna, oil, beans, rice, pasta, canned vegetables, salt, sugar and more!

And finally, we have 3 chest freezers FULL with beef, chicken and fish!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Praying for Daniela

We have a specific prayer request this Christmas. Daniela is a 13 year old 7th grader in our children's home. Last wednesday she woke up and could not walk. By the afternoon, her arms were feeling weak and we took her to the emergency room. She was diagnosed with a rare syndrome that they believe was triggered by her auto immune system that was fighting an infection. Within hours she was almost completely paralyzed and suffering quite a bit of pain.

Today, a week later, she is beginning to show signs of improvement. Last night she was just a little uncomfortable but for the most part resting pain free! We want to thank you all that have been praying and ask you to continue to pray that God would continue to move in her life. Daniela has lived at Casa Hogar Douglas since she was 3 years old. She may have anywhere from 1 - 3 more weeks in the hospital but we are expecting a full and complete recovery. We also expect God to use this to touch Daniela's heart and reveal to her how much He loves her! Please pray that those of us that love her and care for her can guide her in allowing God to speak to her through this.

More and more God is showing me that it is NOT us or Back2Back that is working in the lives of the kids we serve. God and only God can bring change to broken hearts. All that any of us can do is be faithful. Faithful in loving others as Christ loved them first by laying down His life for them. Never once have I read in scripture where I was called to "change" someone's heart. But over and over I feel called to love as Christ first loved us, and through that GOD can turn hearts toward Him. I truely believe God will use this to lead not only Daniela but possibly others closer to Him. And that is ALL He wants!