Monday, August 26, 2013

Rainy Monday....

Today, was a very rainy day. Around noon, a young mom came into the children's home with her 2 young children. They came in with just the clothes on their backs and she told us they had no where to go or stay. The kids were very well behaved. They just sat there and stared. The mom went on to tell us that she had spent 8 years in a government children's home and had only finished junior high. The 2 chilkdren were by 2 different men that she had relationships with but never married. She wanted to know if she could leave her kids with us.

The reality is we are full. We have no way to help them right now. They left after we fed them a hot meal. Where they are tonight, I don't know. Nobody told us this was easy. It's not even pretty. The hard part is that it happens almost every week. These days don't drag us down though. They actually motivate us to do more.