Thursday, December 27, 2012

Update on Daniela

To give everyone an update on Daniela, we are happy to report that she has had a restful week at the children's home as she has been recovering. We have hired a full-time nurse to help take care of her because she still has paralysis in her legs and arms. She is glad to be close to friends and family however and soon we will begin more extensive physical therapy. The doctors have informed us that 100% recovery could take several months so we appreciate your prayers during this time!

We give God all the glory for the things He is doing in the life of Daniela!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Reflections

This morning (Christmas morning) I was sitting on my porch here in Monterrey and reflecting. It has now been 7 years since I last spent Christmas morning with my family in Cincinnati. Many things have changed since then. Some, like my mom, have passed away and are no longer with us. Others, like my grandchildren, are new to the family and I have yet to spend a Christmas morning with them. I could be filled with sadness as I think about such things. But I am not. Don't get me wrong. I miss my family and I love them dearly! They are a real blessing to me! But God has given me a blessing the last 6 Christmas' that has been a blessing as well!

You see, for each of those years, we have been able to spend Christmas with kids here in Monterrey who have had no one to spend Christmas with. Each year the names and the stories of those who have joined us for Christmas have been different. But each Christmas has been special. This morning, on my porch I was thinking that the world I live in here is a war zone. Not just a place where guns and violence exist, but a place where spiritual battles are fought everyday. As a Christian, I may have to connect with my family via Skype on Christmas day, but I get to wake up in the battlefield in the morning! And the only real place to celebrate God's Victory is in His battlefield.

I want to share with you a friend's Facebook post today, "There could be no peace on Christmas unless the first Christmas was an act of war. The world was invaded by a child who would defeat evil without a sword!" Another friend put it "Jesus left the Shalom of eternity to enter my chaos...and changed my life forever!" If we really want to follow Jesus, don't we really want to be doing the same? We need to be unafraid to leave "peace" to experience "victory!"

It has often been said that it is greater to give than to receive. Most of us would agree with that. I want those of you who are supporting us with your prayers, finances and friendship to experience that joy. You may not be here to share in the victories with us on Christmas morning or many other mornings for that matter. But I want you to know that as crazy as it was for the God of the universe to send his only begotten Son to a war zone, that that same Jesus is bringing peace to the broken lives of forgotten sons today!

We love you all and pray that God will continue to bless each of you and your families as He is ours!
Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Blessings!

I wanted to take a moment to share with you some of the blessings we have received in the last 4 months. We have been able to cultivate from local groups some very good donations to help us care for the 60+ kids in the children's home. The result is that this Christmas, our pantries our full. Just take a look at the pictures below.

The picture below shows some of the 200 gallons of milk we receive each month from a local distributor.

We have 2 storage rooms that are 10' square each and have storage shelves from the floor to the ceiling on all 4 walls.

We have cereal, pancake mix, tuna, oil, beans, rice, pasta, canned vegetables, salt, sugar and more!

And finally, we have 3 chest freezers FULL with beef, chicken and fish!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Praying for Daniela

We have a specific prayer request this Christmas. Daniela is a 13 year old 7th grader in our children's home. Last wednesday she woke up and could not walk. By the afternoon, her arms were feeling weak and we took her to the emergency room. She was diagnosed with a rare syndrome that they believe was triggered by her auto immune system that was fighting an infection. Within hours she was almost completely paralyzed and suffering quite a bit of pain.

Today, a week later, she is beginning to show signs of improvement. Last night she was just a little uncomfortable but for the most part resting pain free! We want to thank you all that have been praying and ask you to continue to pray that God would continue to move in her life. Daniela has lived at Casa Hogar Douglas since she was 3 years old. She may have anywhere from 1 - 3 more weeks in the hospital but we are expecting a full and complete recovery. We also expect God to use this to touch Daniela's heart and reveal to her how much He loves her! Please pray that those of us that love her and care for her can guide her in allowing God to speak to her through this.

More and more God is showing me that it is NOT us or Back2Back that is working in the lives of the kids we serve. God and only God can bring change to broken hearts. All that any of us can do is be faithful. Faithful in loving others as Christ loved them first by laying down His life for them. Never once have I read in scripture where I was called to "change" someone's heart. But over and over I feel called to love as Christ first loved us, and through that GOD can turn hearts toward Him. I truely believe God will use this to lead not only Daniela but possibly others closer to Him. And that is ALL He wants!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Landmark is Destroyed

I mentioned about spiritual warfare in my post about Holloween. To state things correctly, ALL of the work that we are involved in at the children's home is spiritual! Sometimes it might appear that we are working with discipline or finances or education or food. The truth is that we are really battling Satan in all of these areas for the very souls of these children!

For a number of years now, we have sensed that there was a building on the children's home campus that was associated with something evil. I have heard numerous testimonies from adults who were former children interned in the children's home that this building in particular was a reminder of sadness and abuse. I have also had groups in the past 3 years who have prayed over our campus and more than one has said they sensed something evil associated with it. This building was a 14'x14' three story water tower. It's origin dates back over 50 years when the property was a rural quinta. Our campus library is less than 4' from this mammoth concrete structure which made demolition very difficult.

This week though, we hired a group of guys to tear this building down and remove all the rubble. To be honest, it feels like a great victory! I have numerous times stood on the highest point in the valley where we are located, next to our chapel, and prayed over our campus. I always ask God to fill every square inch of our property and to send away anything that is not of Him. I believe that would include spirits, people or even buildings! This week I believe God answered this prayer by removing a symbol of something evil! I can not explain everything, but I feel we are cleaner in more ways than one with this building destroyed!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Kids with identity

This is Lilliana and Rubi. They play in their school's band. We are very proud of them! I want to thank all of you who support us in any way because your support enables us to make this possible for these two girls.

Monday, November 19, 2012

7 Schools for 61 Kids

One of the things that we have been working on this year is to develop an identity for each of the kids in the children's home. I hope to give you more updates in the near future of specific cases where kids have the opportunity to be individuals. We have kids playing on soccer teams, participating in the band at school, developing a love for reading novels, learning dance, cooking and art. We are constantly looking for ways to give them more of their own identity.

Three years ago, all of our kids were enrolled in 2 schools. One school for elementary and one jr. high. If the child was having trouble in their school we had few options to help them. In addition, we learned that it was not really healthy to have so many kids from a children's home enrolled in the same public school. When the teacher had a problem in her class, it was very likely that "one of those children's home kids was to blame!" That was not the identity we were looking for them to have! So we did something about it. Today, we have our kids spread out over 7 schools. Some students attend a special education school that is designed to help them catch up to the grade level they should be at. Some go to schools where no one knows they live in a children's home. Yesterday, one of our oldest boys played guitar in church for the first time ever. Many are beginning to participate in extra carricular activities and we believe they are beginning to know who they are in Christ.

Much of this is made possible because many of you are supporting what we do. Our budget for gasolene is $50 per day. During the week we have vans moving kids almost all day long. But we believe it is worth it. Thank you for your support!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Milk Donation!

We recently worked out a monthly donation from a local milk distributor here in Monterrey. They agreed to donate 200 gallons of milk each month to the children's home. We give them a tax deductible receipt for their donation. Normally, we have been purchasing about 1/2 this amount each month at an expense of about $300 U S dollars. This donation not only saves us that money but it makes it possible for the kids to drink twice the amount of milk each day. If we use the money we were spending on milk to buy fruit, the kids could all have smoothies as a bed-time snack!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

A New Day in the Children's Home

I wanted to show you a new staff photo for the children's home Casa Hogar Douglas. One of the real blessings this year is that we have 5 staff that are Back2Back staff that raise their own support! We are working to raise the level of care that we offer for the children. At Back2Back, we have developed a 5 part Child Development Model that we use to define our work with these kids. It not only addresses physical development but emotional, social, spiritual and educational development as well. We have big  hopes for the coming year and we ask that you keep this staff team in your prayers as we minister to the  61 kids that call Casa Hogar Douglas home.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Years ago, I didn't see much harm in Holloween. It seemed like harmless fun. I don't want to be critical of anyone who celebrates trick or treating with kids. But I have also come to realize in my 6 years of living here in Mexico that the spiritual world is very real. Most of the work that we do here in the children's home is not so much physical but spiritual. Satan has had his way with families here for generations. The result is thousands of kids that are abused and abandoned. There are real live witches that live within walking distance of our children's home. Some of them have been so bold as to ask for our children or they will put a spell on us!
This year, in the children's home, we are spending Oct 30 & 31 in the evenings praising God in worship.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Medical Outreach in Rio 3

We recently hosted a medical outreach team at Rio 3. They were able to serve this very poor community from the inside of the church that we have been constructing for 4 years now. The building is a huge blessing to the church as they serve this community in practical ways. This medical team was an added blessing because they not only provided medical treatment but also brought groceries to stock Olga's soup kitchen pantry.

Monday, October 22, 2012


I have been thinking a lot about the testimonies that God gives each of us. The thing that I have discovered is that they are all God's testimonies. You see the point is that whatever happens to us is to be used for God's glory. I have learned to try and remember that in every story that I am a part of or have a chance to witness, it is not about us. It is all about God! God uses us and allows us to even suffer sometimes so that He can be glorified. I think if we fail to use our testimony for anything but to show the world about God's great power, mercy and love for us then we are not honoring Him.
Recently, we have witnessed and even been a part of some amazing stories of God showing His love for His children. I want to be sure that in every way I give God all the glory for what He has done!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Medical blessings

We have been working with the local Monterrey University and their medical school to have medical exams and dental visits with their medical students. All 68 kids that are at Casa Hogar Douglas children's home are in the process of having their teeth cleaned and any work that needs to be done is being scheduled for followup visits. This is being done by dental students in the University hospital under the supervision of their teachers. Also, the medical students are doing general checkups on the kids in a similar fashion. We are transporting anywhere from 3 to 16 kids per day to the hospital for these exams so it keeps us very busy but it is a great blessing. The young medical students have been falling in love with the kids from the children's home as you can imagine. Some of the older girls have discovered a couple of handsome young medical students and have become jealous. It is funny to hear them question us about their friends, "Who did she see? I hope not Jorge because I think he is cute and don't want him seeing anyone else!"
God is moving in many ways as we seek to provide care for these kids and show them how Great our God is and how much He loves them!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Anna - our newest caregiver

I want to share about a recent blessing that came to Casa Hogar Douglas. In early January, we had a guest come with one of our visitibng groups that I was introduced to. Anna, was a 25 year old who lived in Texas on the border and who had recently finished her masters study. As I talked to her, I learned that her dad is a pastor and that she was interested in working with orphans. At Casa Hogar Douglas, we were in need of a caregiver to help with the oldest girls' dorm. I stayed in contact with Anna over the next month and she eventually felt God calling her to come and help us in the children's home.
We are very excited to have Anna join our team! She moved in and began working at the home about 2 weeks ago now. Anna is a huge blessing to the girls she cares for as well as a valuable source of encouragement to the rest of the staff.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Blessings multiplied

One of the things I recently realized, is how blessings can multiply. About 2 years ago, we had about 70 kids in Casa Hogar Douglas and received less than $1,000 per month to cover the expenses of the home. That amount doesn't even cover the electric bill each month, much less food, workers' salaries, education costs, gas, etc. Those needs were covered each month basically by begging. I use the example of a begger on a street corner who is holding out an old coffee cup. He might receive enough to survive and avoid starvation, but I would not describe that as success.

In the summer of 2009, Back2Back started our Shelter child sponsorship program. This was started so that we could help homes likes Casa Hogar Douglas to better meet the necessary needs they have each month. People who want to help sponsor one of our children. They write and receive letters 4 times a year with this child and the money they send is used to make a better life for the child in the children's home.

At the beginning of 2012, we now receive almost $5,000 per month to use to take care of the 68 kids we have at Casa Hogar Douglas. Let me share with you how that money has helped. We are now able to do the following:

1. Electric bill is paid on-time. We don't live with the fear of losing service.
2. There is always gas for cooking and hot water.
3. 19 kids are in "special schools" for learning disabilities or higher education.
4. The kids now eat better meals including beef or chicken 3 times per week.
5. We have been able to attract more and better qualified workers.
6. Workers that are responsible for child care have had their salaries doubled.

In addition, we are no longer looked at like the begger on the street corner. When American groups as well as local Mexican groups come to visit they see success. People want to be a part of something that is successful. They are eager to inquire how they can be a part of caring for these hurt children and giving them a true hope for tomorrow. Let me share with you some of the additional blessings that we have received because of that:

1. Over $50,000 in campus improvements including lighting upgrade, sport court and slide reconstruction, new concrete driveway, sunshade canopy over playground area and new paint.
2. New closets in all the dorms.
3. New mattresses and curtains for all dorms.
4. Ceiling fans and new lighting in the dining hall.
5. Installation of 20 new toilets to replace old ones.
6. A new library with over 1,000 new books.
7. Five new desktop computers with internet access.
8. A new wooden playground right outside the youngest kids' dorm.
9. A new deck, patio and garden overlooking the children's home outside the chapel.
10. Each dorm now has a new 32" plasma TV and DVD player.

In addition, we have a new office building that is 85% completed. We are beginning an infrastructure project to run all of our main wiring underground. This will make it cleaner, safer and we hope reduce our energy costs by being more efficient. We have plans to construct more buildings that will enable us to better care for more kids.

The part that I love about all of this is how successes multiply. We know that God wants to care for these children and bless them with what is important. We believe as we give Him all of the glory and praise for what He is doing in this children's home, He will send more blessing. 

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Well, after taking a break from blogging for the month of January, I'm ready to start up again. It isn't that we didn't have a lot going on, but I just didn't take the time to blog anything. You can check our Facebook page @ BettyyJim Betscher for some pics and posts about what went on if you like.

On January 1, Betty woke up with a song in her mind. In English, the chorus goes " Nothing is impossible for God." For much of the month of January, we have been singing this song as a family. I believe it will be the theme of this year for us. We are, like you, always facing trials both in our family and in our work. But we want to always be reminded and encouraged that we serve a God who is greater than any problem that comes along. He just wants us to be faithful in all things and cling to His Rightousness.

We've already experienced some great accomplishments in 2012. I hope in the next several posts to update you on what is going on both in Rio 3 and in Casa Hogar Douglas. But, before we share more of what is new, we want to thank each of you for loving us, praying for us and supporting us! We often close our day by remembering and giving thanks for YOU! We have the best family and friends that we could ever want or ask for! We are truly blessed by each of you! We honestly love what God allows us to do, that He allows us to do it together and that He blesses us with your love, friendship, prayers and support!

THANK YOU for being YOU!!!