Monday, April 2, 2012

Medical blessings

We have been working with the local Monterrey University and their medical school to have medical exams and dental visits with their medical students. All 68 kids that are at Casa Hogar Douglas children's home are in the process of having their teeth cleaned and any work that needs to be done is being scheduled for followup visits. This is being done by dental students in the University hospital under the supervision of their teachers. Also, the medical students are doing general checkups on the kids in a similar fashion. We are transporting anywhere from 3 to 16 kids per day to the hospital for these exams so it keeps us very busy but it is a great blessing. The young medical students have been falling in love with the kids from the children's home as you can imagine. Some of the older girls have discovered a couple of handsome young medical students and have become jealous. It is funny to hear them question us about their friends, "Who did she see? I hope not Jorge because I think he is cute and don't want him seeing anyone else!"
God is moving in many ways as we seek to provide care for these kids and show them how Great our God is and how much He loves them!

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