Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Independence Day Party in Casa Hogar Douglas

We had a Mexican buffet for dinner

JJ from our staff did the "grito" or "shout" that is customary

The kids formed a color guard for the national anthem

Some of the kids did a traditional dance

Betty & I dressed up in traditional clothing by the Mexican flag

Sept. 16 is the Mexican Independence Day. The tradition here is to have a party on the night of the 15 and at midnight the president leads the whole country in a cheer. The end of the cheer is when the president says "Viva Mexico" and everyone else joins in with "Viva!"
This year, we had a party, organized by the church in Casa Hogar Douglas. The 60 kids that live at this children's home were so proud to open their home up to the public and host this party. They planned and worked to decorate and entertain people for the evening. We had about 100 guests who helped us celebrate Mexico's Independence Day with the children. I am so thankful that the kids had an opportunity to enjoy this evening. This is something that they might be doing if they had an opportunity to live in a home with their parents. Living in a children's home, many times they miss out on events like this that are part of their Mexican heritage. Needless to say, they were all tired at the end of the night but they were very content too. "Viva Mexico!!!"

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