Thursday, October 1, 2009

Faith of a hurt child

The lives of the kids, that live in the children's homes that we serve, are filled with pain. Their lives are filled with bad memories of their families and void of love many times. In all the work that we do, we want the kids to experience love and to know that God loves them perfectly. I love it when a child has an opportunity to exercise his young faith in God and realize that God always loves them. Recently, 9 year old Louis, from Casa Hogar Douglas, had this opportunity.
Javier, the head care giver at the children's home, has been going to each dormitory at bedtime and praying with the kids. A few weeks ago, he was in the young boys dorm, and he asked if they had any requests. Louis, who is the oldest of 4 kids in his family that live at Douglas, said that he wanted to pray that a relative would come and visit them on Sunday. It had been weeks since anyone had come on visitation day. Some of the other kids laughed and said "No one is coming!" But, Javier asked Louis "Do you believe if we pray that someone will come they will come?" Louis answered "YES I DO!" They prayed together and that next Sunday their mom came to visit them.
I remember the day that Louis and his 2 younger brothers and his sister were dropped off by their mom at the children's home. I remember because I had teers in my eyes but none of them were crying as their mom left. I know that their lives have probably always been full of sadness, heartache and pain. One of the hardest parts of our work is witnessing the pain that so many of these kids carry. But I am also lifted up each time I can witness God's faithfulness in their lives a well.

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  1. My heart breaks every time I read one of these that you have written and I long to be there. Thanks for doing so. See you in January. - Tracy