Saturday, February 19, 2011

7 Day prayer walk in the children's home

Preparing to start a prayer walk outside Juniper Tree Chapel one evening

This past week, all of the kids and staff from Casa Hogar Douglas did a prayer walk around their campus each night after dinner. They started on the hill outside the chapel and prayed over all of the buildings in the children's home. They offered up prayers of thanksgiving as well as petitions for God's guidance in the future. Each night has been uniquely different as the week has progressed. They even made flags that they carried on the walk that said "Jesus is Love," "Christ is Just" and "God is King." We began to break out in choruses each night as we worshipped God together under the setting sun. Most of the evenings have been beautiful to watch the sunset and the full moon rising up over the mountains on the horizon.
The kids will conclude this week by walking 7 times around their campus on Sunday the 7th day.

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