Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Several months ago, one of the moms that had 3 children in the children's home we serve, asked if we needed help. She indicated that she would be willing to come work at the home if we needed the help. It was evidence to me that not all moms that bring their children to a children's home are bad. Some of them love their children but are unable to take care of them. Usually this is some situation related to poverty and the lack of family support.
Irma had left Kevin, Alexis and Alexia at Casa Hogar Douglas many years ago but she was faithful in visiting them whenever she could. In January, she came to live with her children in the home. It has worked very well for everyone so far. Irma is a hard worker and is the head caregiver in the youngest girls' dorm. She currently has 10 girls in her dorm. Irma brings a special understanding of the children's needs as well as an understanding of the feelings of the parents.
I've mentioned before that we really want to be a ministry to families. We primarily serve children that are abandoned, neglected or abused but we realize that if we can reunite biological families that have been separated due to economical hardships, it is best for everyone. It is one of the reasons that we started the church in the children's home and invited family members to come and worship with the children. We believe that Jesus was about healing and we want to be also.

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  1. Praise God for her. I am praying for her as I see her heart and her job is difficult.