Saturday, November 5, 2011

Using the Blessing we've received to bless others

Recently, the kids at Casa Hogar Douglas received a blessing of new mattresses for their beds. When the kids learned that another home we serve, Casa Hogar Bethany, had 24 kids that slept on thin foam mats, they wanted to share their old mattresses with them. So last Wednesday, we loaded up the mattresses and took some of the older kids to meet the kids at Bethany. We shared a sandwich lunch that we brought along with some other treats and the kids enjoyed the afternoon getting to know each other. It was a great time that was had by all and we are already planning more activities to do together with our new friends at Bethany. We invited them over to play soccer in our large soccer field and they invited us to come back next summer to swim in the river that flows through their property!

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