Monday, September 16, 2013

Visitation Day

Sundays are visitation days for the children in the children's home. These days can be difficult for a variety of reasons. It is a day when family members can come and visit for a few hours. They are highly monitored and supervised visits. If a child does not receive a visit, it is confirmation that they are forgotten or not important. Sometimes, even when a child receives a visit, there is tention involved as it just isn't normal for families to have to live this way.

Yesterday, a mom came to visit her 3 children. She is not allowed to take the children out of the home because she has not proven that she can protect them. In fact, these children are placed with us because of her history of neglect and abuse with them. I noticed right away when I saw her that she had scratches on her face and looked like she had been in a fight. I took a picture of her face with my phone as evidence. (Really I didn't tell her why I wanted her pic. I just said we were taking family photos that day.) She later confirmed to the kids that her boyfriend had beat her. The kids later told us.

I want all of our kids to grow up and know that men and women don't treat each other like this. I want them to know what real love is most of all. Unfortunately, they don't see it very often from the situations that bring them to live in the children's home.

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