Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pictures of Casa Hogar Douglas Church

Wednesday night worship service

View of new roof on our church!

  Repairing the roof on the church at Douglas  

        Tim & I on the roof doing repairs


  1. Jimbo,
    It is great to see what you have done with that church. I went up and took pictures of that building when I was there in January with the group of guys from Columbus, OH. It saddened me at the time but I didn't do anything about it. I am bringing my family down there the last week of July and am looking forward to seeing what you have done. I would love to attend the Sunday service there if possible. Great shot of you and Tim on the roof. Thanks for the blog site and the link to the others. I am looking forward to my trip in July. I don't go a day without thinking of all of you and the children there. I have a slideshow of my pictures from our trip in January that runs continuously at work. I would love to see an update on the church at Cadereyta.
    Thanks and God Bless.
    Tracy Smart

  2. Tracy,
    Thanks for the testimony. We look forward to seeing you and your family in July. We should be able to make it possible for you to attend a church service at Douglas while you are here! Question... Can you send me photos you have of the church building in January? If you can, send to gazebojim@yahoo.com