Sunday, July 5, 2009

In the middle of chaos is where God is working.

I've been a little behind on writing. Last week I had a couple of 15 hour days and I've been a little run down. I've been thinking a lot about things that I witness that seem to be chaotic. There are times when my heart is heavy because of the things I witness and hear. When I look into the faces of some of the hundreds of kids that we minister to, I sometimes see the pain and sadness that they have experienced in their young lives. This past week, I even witnessed a couple of American men with tears in their eyes as they served alongside of us. There are times that I even ask God, "Do you see what is going on here?" But it is then that I realize that He does, and what is even more, HE IS RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF IT!
I think that my initial question is rooted in my upbringing that things need to be orderly and neat. I mean when I went to church as a youth (and even a lot of my adult life) everything about God was neat and clean and there was an answer for everything. But as I have compared the things I have witnessed here with stories from the Bible, I realize many times God is working in the midst of the chaos. God was working through the life of Noah while the whole world was being flooded. Many other stories in the Bible are filled with violence, pain and suffering. Even the act of Jesus to save all of mankind from the consequences of our sins was chaos. Can you imagine being a witness to the death of Christ on the cross? Then who am I to think that God will spare my life from being one of chaos?


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  2. Thanks for those thoughts... My life has been Chaos lately and I recently came to Habbakuk.. He asked those questions I always wanted to, and sometimes did, scream to God. "Where are you in this?" "Do you even care in all of your might?" yet in the end God tells him what he is doing to avenge the unjustness that we are seeing. And Habbakuk responds with awe and adoration to God because of his Mercy for us sinners.