Wednesday, July 8, 2009

ReDedication of Church at Casa Hogar Douglas

On July 1, we rededicated the renovated church building at Casa Hogar Douglas. This building was originally built in 1966, but the last few years saw it's condition deteriating and it was no longer being used. When we started to hold worship services there in late January this year, we realized we needed to make repairs soon. God quickly provided the resources and we began to remodel. The building now has a new roof, stage, windows, sound system, fans and paint. It has been awesome to witness what God is doing in this church! For the rededication service we had over 200 people in attendance. It was incredible to worship and hear testimonies of God's faithfulness with so many people. Every chair was occupied and there were people standing outside and looking in through the windows! 

I wanted to share a story that I shared during the rededication service. When we were remodeling the building, a man in his 40's stopped by to see how the work was coming. He was a young boy when the building was built in 1966 and he remembered the time of original construction. He told me that the workers had buried a Bible in the foundation, underneath a pole, that supports the roof. As I thought about that, I realized the roof was battered, but it didn't fall. It was built on the Rock. I shared that we want to build the lives of these kids on that same Rock. We want their lives to be like that church building, anchored in the Word of God! Years of storms may batter their lives, but they will not fall!

The video above is one that we showed at the rededication service.

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