Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Update on Anna and Linda of Rio 3

                      Inside of Linda & Anna's house after the flood

                 The first time we met Anna and Linda last July
                               Praying for Anna
                                Linda last winter in their home
                              Digging out their house this week  

A lot of people have asked me about Linda and her daughter Anna that we have come to know at Rio 3. Linda is 85 years old and lives in a house near the river with her daughter Anna and Anna's husband. Each of the women have lost a leg due to poor circulation but their faith in God has inspired hundreds. Many groups this past year have come to love these sweet saints during their visits to Rio 3.
Olga was able to evacuate them from their house and move them to the church building before the flood waters reached their home. But on Thursday night the river flooded many homes and destroyed many more. Their home was flooded and when the waters receeded there was 12" of mud inside the home and 3 feet of mud against the doors outside. All of their material possesions were lost. Linda is currently in the hospital being treated for an intestinal infection and Anna is sleeping and staying at the church buiding. Anna's husband has been sleeping outside on a new piece of property that he is claiming in hopes of building a new house.
We are in the process of helping them get resettled. Yesterday (Tues) we dug out their home and sorted through the damage. Aside from important papers, there really wasn't much left to salvage.

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