Friday, December 10, 2010

CHD woodshop

When I first moved to Mexico, almost 4 years ago now, one of my first projects was to develop a woodworking shop in Casa Hogar Douglas. We received a donation from The James Fund & Family Christian Stores to purchase some woodworking tools and we began to teach the older kids how to make picnic tables and chairs. All of the picnic tables that you see at the children's home today were made by the kids in the woodshop.
Through the years it has been difficult to keep up with teaching the kids as my role has expanded to the position of captain of Casa Hogar Douglas. We have maintained the shop but many times we have just used it when we were working on a specific project.
As I mentioned in an earlier post, we have hired 3 new couples to be workers in the children's home in the last 6 months. The newest couple that came to join us in November is Jose and Lorena. Jose used to have a carpentry shop. He has started to hold classes in woodworking with some of the older kids. These pictures are of the kids making a bookshelf for Marilin's tutoring classroom. It is really a fine piece of furniture.
We have a lot of small projects like this that we are going to be working on. Jose used to make custom kitchen cabinets. I think you will be quite surprised at the items the kids will be making. We also want to have workshops in painting and other artwork, music voice and guitar, cooking and baking. We have a lot of talent in the new workers that we've hired. And the best part is that they love the Lord and the kids!
I hope you can begin to see why I have been saying that we are extremely blessed and our future in Casa Hogar Douglas looks bright. Please keep the kids and this home in your prayers.
The cool part is that after a couple of hours working in the workshops. Jose will say, "Ok, the woodshop is closed." He'll then pick up a frisbee or a soccer ball and begin to play with the kids too. 

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  1. That is soo cool Jim!!! The Church at Rio 3 looks great as well. Miss you guys soo much!!! Hope you have a great Christma!! Much Love and Blessings!!!