Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sweet Christmas Story

The picture above, is Betty with a father and his 2 kids that live at Casa Hogar Douglas. We don't know where their mom is but he comes every Sunday to visit his kids. Sometimes he brings his guitar and plays it in the church services. We have come to realize that there are some parents who really love their kids but are unable to care for them. This dad works as a gardener and cannot care for his kids and work too. So these two are growing up in a children's home. We feel it is best though to encourage family relationships as these kids grow up, even if they are not ideal. The bottom line is we want them to know love of family as well as the love of Jesus.
A friend of ours, has a special attraction for these 2 kids, from her various trips to serve alongside of us. When she was here in October, she left us $50 to give to their dad so that he could enjoy Christmas with his kids. This past Sunday, we gave him the money. He cried like a baby. 
I just wanted to share how God used someone who came on a mission trip, to bring joy to this family. It is another example of how Betty and I were just blessed to be witnesses to what God is doing. So many of you do so much for the kids we serve here. I want you to know that all of the ways you help us share God's love to these kids are important. 

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