Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Preach the Word always. Use words only if you have to!

Last Saturday, the kids from Casa Hogar Douglas traveled to a small village to serve 80 kids. This town is very poor and the families do not have groups that come to serve them. This past December, the children's home had so many groups that wanted to come and bring the kids gifts. The kids in the children's home decided that they would like to share some of their blessing with others who have less. By working with a local pastor from a Christian church in this village, we were able to aquire a list of names and ages of 80 kids. The kids from the children's home prepared personal gifts for these children from their excess. We rented a bus and traveled the hour and a half to the village. The kids from the children's home were able to serve the community a hotdog lunch, provide a pinata and pass out the gifts. I'm not sure who was blessed more.....our kids from Casa Hogar Douglas or the kids from the village.

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