Sunday, September 18, 2011

What it takes

At Casa Hogar Douglas, we currently have 70 kids. You might ask, how much does it cost to take care of these kids each month? We have been working on our monthly budget and have come up with the following rough numbers:

Electric = $1,200
Gas = $600
Gasolene for school vans and trucks = $700
Workers' salaries (12 workers) = $2,000
School fees and supplies (monthly average) = $400
Food for dining hall = $3,000
Telephone = $100
Trash service = $140
Insurance and vehicle maintaince = $250

TOTAL = $8,390 per month

Our Back2Back Shelter Program is designed to help us come up with the funds each month to meet these needs. When you sponsor one of our kids, at $100 per month, your sponsorship goes towards helping us fullfill these commitments. 
We want to thank all of you who sponsor one of our children or support us directly. Together we are helping to "Care for them today and give them a Hope for tomorrow!" We are very grateful for your support!

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