Friday, October 21, 2011

Unplanned sleepover

Last week, we had a heavy rainstorm. The unfortunate thing was that at the children's home, we were in the process of replacing the roof on the main dorm. The result was that the roof leaked very bad during the rainstorm. The smallest girls' dorm was flooded. So that night, we brought 7 of these girls and their care giver to our house for a sleepover. The next morning was school so they couldn't sleep in but it was fun none the less!
The good part is that we now have the roof replaced and we are completing a lot of other renovations to all the dorms. I hope to post an update on this when we are finished. There is a lot of blessing that is happening right now at Casa Hogar Douglas. We want to thank everyone for your prayers and financial support in every way! 
Now the girls want another sleepover but they want to have it on a weekend when they can sleep in!

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