Monday, October 10, 2011

Working with a purpose in Rio 3

During the summer, our friend Amy Tuell came with a group to serve with us for a week. While she was here, she wanted to show some of the women in Olga's soup kitchen at Rio 3 how to crochet using plastic bags. Instead of making a blanket or a sweater out of cloth material, they can make plastic mats out of plastic grocery bags, that are more durable in the rio homes.
Last week when we were there, Juanita, one of the ladies from the soup kitchen gave Betty this mat that she had made. She was so proud of it and wanted to thank us for helping show her how to make it. We asked Juanita what she needed. She told Betty she could use an electric iron. So, we bought her an iron and traded it for the mat. Now we have a plastic mat for our bathroom floor and Juanita has an iron.

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