Thursday, December 8, 2011


This is a photo of a 16 year old mom and her soon to be 1 year old son. They live in Rio 3 with her 3 year old sister and her mom who is in her mid thirties in a house like the one pictured above. She is a very pretty girl and her baby is adorable. Our work here in Monterrey can be summed up as we consider this young teenager's future.
Betty and I serve in Rio 3 because we want to minister to families like this one that are surviving on a thread. Over 30 million people in Mexico live in conditions that we would describe as extreme poverty. We believe Jesus loved the poor and has called us to love and serve them also. In Rio 3,we serve them by working side by side with the local church, Mercy House Church. Our highest priority is that they come to know and love Jesus. But we realize that we must help with basic needs like food, clothing and shelter in order for them to understand that God loves them.
We also serve in Casa Hogar Douglas, a children's home to almost 70 children. Unfortunately, young moms like this one, come to the point where they can't go on. They bring their children to a children's home like Casa Hogar Douglas. Sometimes, the family situation becomes unsafe. No one is really taking care of the children and they are roaming the streets. We believe it is better that they are in a safe place.

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