Saturday, August 7, 2010

Impact Beyond Mexico

The longer I live here, the more I realize that it is God who is transforming lives. We are all just blessed to be witnesses to God's work! God isn't just moving in the lives' of the kids we serve here. I'm also blessed to witness God's work in the lives of the people who come to serve with us. I have been blessed to witness this many times in many ways. I would like to share with you an email we received from friends in Columbus, Ohio. I think the email says it all...

Jim and Betty,
I just wanted to tell you both how you and the rest of the folks at B2B Mexico have an impact beyond your work in Monterrey.  After our family visited in the summer, we returned home to our everyday lives.  As a family we knew God had shown us a picture of what it meant to share our lives with other people and to care for His children.  The two of you consistently show that love of Christ to the children of Douglas and the families of Rio 3.  It was truly inspiring and made me want to move to Monterrey.  However, after much prayer and consultation, I truly believe God was moving us in another direction.  We contacted a Christian foster care agency and started a long path towards becoming foster parents for kids requiring some level of therapeutic care.  
So, here it is today and we have now added a 13 year-old boy to our family.  He has been with us for a week.  We don't know how long he will be with us, probably a year or longer.  He has never really been to church and doesn't know anything about Jesus.  His mom is struggling mightily with the recent death of her husband and the demons of alcohol.  She too needs to learn of the love of Jesus and we pray to have a relationship with her that might facilitate her coming to be introduced to Him.
I share all this to simply say thank you.  Your obedience to God has been an incredible example for my family, one that hopefully will impact the eternal lives of this boy and his mom.  I continue to read your blog to keep up on things.   
Please share with all down there.  I miss all of you and look forward to returning in January.  My wife and the girls will be there in November and I am jealous of them.   
Our prayers are with all of you.  We think of you very fondly.
In His love,

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