Sunday, August 29, 2010

Additional Photos and Followup Thoughts

Newly painted dining hall at Casa Hogar Douglas really adds to the improved atmosphere!

Newly painted slide with mural on the sides for kids to enjoy.

We are concentrating our efforts to improve education for our primary students

Newly remodeed living room area for the oldest boys dorm. Painted in colors of the Monterrey soccer team which is the reigning national champion!
I just wanted to add another thought to my previous post. It came to me as I was praying the other day that the works of God are more like cooking a fine meal than warming something in the microwave. If we want a snack or something to eat quickly we use the microwave. But if we want to eat a good meal, we might have to wait hours for it to cook slowly. I believe that many times the works of God are more like a delicious dinner that is cooked very slowly but tastes so much better than something warmed quickly in a microwave. We need to be patient while God does His work in His timing and not expect Him to do His work in a microwave! The end result is so much better and always worth the wait!

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  1. What a wonderful way of describing him and his work :) I love this concept