Friday, March 29, 2013

God's ways are not our ways!

This is a recent picture of Daniela. If you have been following her story in our blog you know that she woke up paralyzed one morning in late November. She has slowly but steadily been gaining strength over the last several months. I have always felt that God allowed this to happen for a purpose. I can see how God is working in Daniela's life during her recuperation.

I took this picture on a Sunday afternoon. I was walking across the campus of the children's home when someone hollered "Jim! Look!" And there was Daniela standing alone on her feet while leaning against a wall. You can see the huge smile on her face as she knows this was a big accomplishment! The part that I find especially interesting is the lady to the left in the picture. This lady is Daniela's biological mother! She left Daniela over 9 years ago as a 3 year old girl in the children's home. When this paralysis happened to Daniela, one of the first people we contacted was her biological mother. Daniela's relationship with her mom has been a strained one for several years. It is complicated by the guilt that her mom has had over the years. But her mom has come several times a week and has been a big part of the recuperating proccess.

I don't know if you can see it in the photo, but Daniela's mom has a smile as big as her daughter's! She has her hand over her mouth trying to hide it. I could tell her mom was close to crying. God has allowed this orphan girl's mother to be an eyewitness to her daughter's recovery! He has allowed the one who left her in the children's home over 9 years ago to have a front row seat as HE heals Daniela and makes her whole again! God's ways are not our ways! They are so much better! I know He has a purpose in all of this!

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  1. such an amazing ripple to a potential tragedy. Just another glimpse into God's plans and how much higher they are then ours.
    Truly a Miracle!!