Monday, March 25, 2013

Ruth - a story of God's faithfulness!

The young lady in the center of the back row in the grey sweatshirt is Ruth. 12 years ago, she was a young girl in Casa Hogar Douglas. A year ago, she had a tumor and feared she might die. She even asked Beth if she could help her to find someone to take care of her 2 young daughters after her death. But thanks to the help of a generous donor, Ruth was able to have an operation to remove her tumor! Her joy and thankfulness for what God has done for her led her to want to serve God with her life!

This past weekend, Ruth came to become our newest caregiver at the same children's home that she grew up in! I took this picture today of some of the girls she is taking care of this week. You could make a Hallmark Film of each of these girls' lives. They all are testimonies of God's Love and Mercy! As I watched them play today, I could tell that the girls love Ruth. And Ruth is loving them.

Witnessing all of this is a true blessing!

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