Friday, May 8, 2009

I am truly blessed!

I wanted to share something that I shared with the rest of the staff in a recent staff meeting. I shared that I feel like God is blessing me lately and answering my prayers in ways that I would never imagine. When I think about this, I know it is God showing me that He will take care of me and  I should just trust in Him and follow where He leads me.
Let me give you an example. My truck is 12 years old and has over 435,000 miles on it. It has a diesel motor and I have found it hard to get parts for it here. I was having a problem with the starter. It would sometimes be hard to start. I was pretty sure what the problem was but I couldn't get anyone to fix it. A few weeks ago, we were 2 hours from here on top of a mountain. When I tried to start the truck it wouldn't start. In the past it might be hard to start but it always started. This time it would not.
I really didn't know what I was going to do. We were so far out in the middle of nowhere that the cell phones didn't even work. Just when I was beginning to get nervous, along comes a stranger with a 2 way radio. He radios down the mountain to a pueblo that is close by. He tells me that a mechanic will be right here. I think to myself, well when he gets here he won't be able to fix it. But in about 1/2 hour along comes a gentleman. When I describe the problem, he crawls under my truck and in about 15 minutes he has my starter in his hands. He says he will go back down the mountain and fix it. In about an hour, he returns with my starter, puts it back on my truck and it starts right up. He replaced some electrical contacts on the solenoid and it is good as new. When I ask him how much I owe him, he tells me $25.
The point of this story is that I feel God led me out into the middle of nowhere and had my truck breakdown so that He could fix my problem. The truth is that if it broke down in my driveway I wouldn't have known who to call. But in the middle of nowhere, God blessed me in a beautiful way. I know with all of my problems God is going to work them out in His way and in His timing so that I will learn to trust Him more.


  1. "A miracle is only a coincidence when God chooses to remain anonymous." :-)

    Wow, Jim, that's a cool story. I still think about what you said at the lunch table one night when we were there -- how the poor people in Mexico rely on God like we in America NEVER do -- because they have to do it all the time. We are all blessed -- the difference is that you realize it and we tend to forget it. Thanks for the reminder.

    Bob Perry

  2. Wow...that is amazing and funny...LOL because I remember being in the cr when it did not start. You are bessed and God is good!