Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sunday after church fellowships

We have prepared a hot meal after church services on Sundays now 2 times. It is something we want to do once a month. We invite everyone that comes to church to also eat dinner with the kids. 
Sundays are usually family visitation days at the children's home. Many kids live in the children's home because their family feels they are too poor to take care of the kids. It could be a single mom with 5 kids or a couple going thru problems and they just feel that the kids are better off in the children's home. For most children, the only time they see their family is Sunday. And probably not more than half of the kids have anyone to come and visit them. 
We have tried to make Sundays more enjoyable for all of the kids with our worship services. We have invited relatives to church and also to the meal afterwards. Our desire is that all of them come to know Jesus as their Savior and realize the blessing of a Christian Community.

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