Monday, May 30, 2011

God's Ways

A week ago, we had a staff retreat for 3 days as we prepared for the busy summer months. One of the things that I feel like God has been teaching me lately is to trust in Him. This is difficult sometimes for a person like me who likes to plan what is going to happen next. There are times when God's plans aren't always the same as mine. Sometimes, God allows conflict or even hardship to happen so that He can accomplish an even greater task. I feel like I am trying to trust more and more that when things don't go as I would plan, that God has a better plan. I find myself saying to myself and to others that are close to me that God is in control. I want to live with a passion and purpose but I also want to yield to God and trust that He is in control no matter what.

1 comment:

  1. But it is hard. Sometimes I think I know his plan and start to get excited about it, only to see that either His timing is different or I filled in His framework with my completed project. I am with you in praying to wait to see what he really has planned for my life. Thanks Jim. - T