Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 - Happy New Year

I have some random reflective thoughts as  we begin not only a new year, but a new decade. I'll confess that I have thought a lot lately about the injustices that I witness in this world. I have prayed for God to show up and change people or circumstances that I know are not part of His will. It has been difficult to accept that all is not going to be perfect in this world. I can't just "work at something hard enough" that it changes. I believe God is calling us to be faithful even when things don't ALL go right. I'm reminded of the numerous times in the Bible when God's people were called to be faithful, even when things were not going their way.
I also am reminded that we are ALL screwed up. I am not perfect...not even close. My friends aren't perfect, my family isn't perfect, my co-workers aren't perfect. The only one who is perfect, is God. Then why do I question Him? Is it part of my imperfection that I think I am wiser than Him? I am screwed up! We all are! The best that we can hope for is that we can work for improvement in our lives. And, in the end, be forgiven for our failures by the grace that is available through God's only son, Jesus. We all need it!
So as I start this new year, I want to keep praying and working for the injustices that I witness, to be made right. But I want to also remember, that everything will never be completely perfect. I must learn to be faithful to God's calling in my life, even when it seems my efforts are futile. I also want to remember that we are all imperfect beings, That the same blood of Jesus that I need to wash away my sins, is needed by everyone. I am no better than anyone.
Many times, I take comfort in situations, when I can think of scripture that brings me peace in the middle of a storm. I want to take the time to reflect more on God's word. I also want to pray more. Instead of worrying or being frustrated over things that I can not change, I want to just share my heart with God and rest knowing that He is in control of everything!
Happy New Year everyone! I really believe "greater things are yet to be done!" 

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