Tuesday, January 5, 2010

One Last Christmas thought

I just had one last thought about Christmas that I wanted to share with you before we move on to the new year. I wanted to share a post that a friend of ours posted on his Facebook page on Christmas Day. I really thought his words were so true. He wrote...
"Christmas, with all its associations of peace, is very much an act of war. Sorta like D-Day, though it was a one man army who arrived on earth's shore for a rescue mission. Now with a body of flesh, the divine began His march toward the hill where through His own death, He would be victorious over His enemy. Rescue complete. Mission accomplished."
His mission is accomplished, but the battle still goes on for our souls. Let us not be tempted by the lies that Satan uses to steal our joy. We can share in Christ's victory over death by accepting Him as our Savior. May we never forget the price our Heavenly Father paid so that we could share in such a great Victory! Thank you God! Thank you Jesus!

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