Saturday, January 23, 2010

Feeling the Power of God - Grace is Greater in Service

Sometimes I write about things or events that have gone on here and other times I write about how the things that I experience here affect my feelings. Lately, I feel like I've shared a lot about how I've felt the heavy burden of dealing with injustice and witnessing the work of satan. Sometimes, this might have sounded depressing. I want to share the positiveness I am feeling today. The last few days I have felt the comfort of the Holy Spirit in dealing with all of this. I feel strengthened by knowing our God is greater than any other power. I know that He promises to take care of the orpan child and will protect us from anyone or anything that wants to attack us.
I've been praying, the last few days, for God to put an army of angels around His children and protect them from the power of satan. I have prayed, in the Holy name of Jesus, that God send satan away from the children's homes, that we serve in. I have felt that the conflict that I have experienced lately is because I am in the middle of a spiritual war. God called me to fight in this war, but He did not call me to do it alone. It is His battle! And, He has already won! We are merely His hands and feet as He accomplishes His work.
All of this has caused me to be more energized. I am not growing weary of the battle. I am eagerly awaiting what God has in store next. The future doesn't look dark it looks brighter than ever. I have also realized that God's grace is greater in service. At one time, I felt I had to have a certain level of spiritual development in order to really serve God. But I know I am not perfect and there is no way I can fight these battles alone. But God makes up for my failures and really I am made perfect in Christ Jesus. And the truth is, I am called to serve Him just as I am. The more I commit to serving Him, the greater His grace is in making me whole. 
Thank you for your prayers!!! They are being answered!

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