Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Clean Water Project in Rio 3

Clean Water is Available for Everyone!

We finished building a water filtration system at Rio 3. It is a system that filters the water using carbon ceramic filters. The water is placed into the first tank that has ten of these filters installed on the bottom of the tank. The water passes through these filters and is collected in copper tubing and directed into the second holding tank. This tank holds all of the filtered water.
The last week of July, we had an American group with us as we passed out 40 - 10 liter bottles of water in the community. Most of these homes have no running water, sewer or electric. The homes have dirt floors and sometimes only cardboard for roofs. We instructed the people on the importance of drinking clean water and told them that they can return to the church to refill their bottles for free. We are excited about how we can share God's love for these people in this practical way.

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