Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Good times at Casa Hogar Douglas

Pictures above of cleaned up campus

Javier preaching in church

We have some great news about what God is doing in Casa Hogar Douglas. About a year ago, some of the Back2Back staff began praying in and over the campus of Casa Hogar Douglas. It is the children's home that we have worked with the longest and is also the largest home we work with as it is the home of about 75 children. A lot of our staff felt the need to pray for a spiritual revival to happen there. I know that many of you who have come here to serve have prayed for the same thing when you went home. I also believe that the church that we were able to rebuild and restore has been part of God's answer to those prayers. But, I've said many times this year that God isn't finished yet. I firmly believe that we are witnesses to a multi-level revival that God is sweeping through this campus! I don't believe I am exaggerating at all, when I say that you can feel the presence of God working when you come into the children's home today.

In addition to the restoration of the church, there are other things happening as well. One of the biggest changes recently is that Javier has assumed the role of Point Person or Head Care Giver. Javier is a pastor and teacher. He has lived near the home for 25 years now. His history with the children's home goes way back. He taught in the Bible School that is connected to the home until October of last year. That is about the time that our staff began to earnestly pray for the kids at the children's home. He told me that he felt God had something different planned for his life and that is why he resigned. He didn't even know that people were praying for the revival of the home at the time that God was telling him that He had something different in the future for Javier. The last few weeks, Javier and his wife have led the kids in prayer each night. There is also time of Bible study each day and we have been working to clean the campus. We also have been trimming trees & cutting the grass. The kids are taking pride in their home. All of these things have added to a more joyful atmosphere at Casa Hogar Douglas. Please continue to pray as revival continues.

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