Saturday, August 22, 2009

First Leadership Conference Held at CHD Church

We just finished our first Leadership Conference at the church at Casa Hogar Douglas. The conference was 2 hours each day on Thursday and Friday. It was primarily for the caregivers and other interested adults that wanted to come. The speaker was a woman named Adriana Garza who is the wife of the senior pastor of a large church here in Monterrey. She shared with us that God does not have limits of what He is capable of doing. She encouraged all of us to think and dream BIG in what we want God to do in our lives. She shared examples from scripture, as well as personal examples, of how God has done great things in the past. This was especially encouraging for the caregivers. Many of them have served the children of this children's home for years. They do not have much money and they are seldom recognized for their sacrificial services for these children.
One of the messages, that we want to share with the caregivers and the children, is that their is hope in a life that is lived for Christ Jesus. I know that there are victorious days to come in the lives of these workers and children. God has much more planned for them than a life filled with oppression. The church continues to be a fountain of hope in Christ for them.

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