Friday, August 28, 2009

Reflections - Greater Things are still to come

I'll admit that when I first thought about writing this entry, I wanted to just share some reflective thoughts I have had lately. I'll also admit that sometimes those thoughts can be negative. You see, sometimes I am a little down. Everyday I see kids that are hurting. I live in a place where it is hard to see justice. Sometimes the simplest of tasks can take half a day to accomplish. I miss my family back in Ohio. And sometimes, I can even ask myself "Is it all really worth it?" When I weigh the answer to this question, I can always answer "yes!" 
Today, as I prepared to write this entry, I received the following link to this YouTube Video:

It is a promotional video that was made by one of our ministry partners. The James Fund is the non-profit ministry of Family Christian Stores. They have been huge partners with us since 2005. I consider Steve Biondo, the president of The James Fund, who does a lot of the speaking in this video, my friend. When I watched the video, I found myself coming alive. I found myself saying "yes!" It was then that I realized that while sometimes I am discouraged, God always has a way of revealing to me why it is all worth it.
As partners with us in this ministry, I hope you can view this video and be lifted up as I was. I know that you too can be discouraged from time to time and even wonder if it is all worth it. Please watch the video. I want you to be energized in knowing that many Christians all over the world are united with us.  Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for your financial support. Thank you for coming and serving alongside of us. We are so thankful for your lives. We pray God's blessing on you as you have been a blessing to us!

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