Saturday, August 22, 2009

Project Completed at Casa Hogar Douglas

If you were a member of one of our groups this summer working at Casa Hogar Douglas, you may have helped with this project. We worked all summer on renovating the area outside the laundry room there. We installed a new security fence, to protect people from falling into the storm sewer and installed 6 new clothes line poles, poured a new concrete slab to keep the area clean and built a roof over part of the area. There were so many American groups that helped dig holes, stretch chain link fence, paint, mix & pour concrete and build the roof structure. I wanted to share a photo of the finished project for all those people that helped in so many ways. 
Doing the laundry everyday, for 75 kids, is a huge job. Because of the cost of gas, they do not use dryers. The clean safe area to hang the clothes to dry outside will be very useful for the workers to use. There will even be an area, under the roof, to dry clothes when it is raining. I would like to give a huge "Thank You" to all that helped with this project this summer!

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